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About us

Mehmet Degerli’s passion for bringing people together over food and wine goes all the way back to the early ’90s. Before working at multiple restaurants and cooking on cruise ships, Mehmet spent some days learning how to cater at the hotel school in his homeland of Turkey. So, when you enter Ristorante IL Porcino, his cheerfool greeting is not in vain but comes from a place of sincere jubilance to share his life’s work with you. It all at the front door, where guests are welcomed on a first-name basis. A bottle of wine typically follows, chosen from our curated and known to enhance the spirit of the evening. From there the kitchen takes over, with the ingredients and dishes made entirely from scratched. You may share an exchanged with the chef, but you will certainly be entertained by a moment with Mehmet. So come, gather in revelri with friends old and new, as you diner and drink at our Italian eatery.  

Il porcino since 1996